Maintaining property and keeping offices running: Property Services in a nutshell.

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Property Services encompass various sectors contributing to the management, maintenance, and...

Property Services encompass various sectors contributing to the management, maintenance, and functionality of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. These services ensure optimal operation, safety, and compliance while providing occupants with a comfortable and productive environment. Understanding the diverse sectors within property services allows you to uncover unique career opportunities and tailor your skills to specific areas of interest. Let’s delve into the four main sectors we recruit for: facilities management, commercial property, gas engineering, and maintenance & services.

Facilities Management: Keeping Property Running Smoothly 

Facilities Management ensures the efficient operation of commercial, industrial, and public buildings. It focuses on maintaining a property’s physical infrastructure, equipment, and services while ensuring health and safety regulations are compliant. Facilities managers collaborate with multiple professionals, including engineers, contractors, and technicians, to create a seamless and efficient working environment.

Facilities management as a sector accommodates a variety of job roles, including but not limited to Facilities Manager, Property Manager, Maintenance Technician, Energy Manager, Facilities Coordinator, and Health & Safety Manager.

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Commercial Property: Navigating the Business Landscape

Commercial Property professionals oversee the management, leasing, and development of properties exclusively designated for business ventures. This sector is a vital hub for companies seeking to initiate or broaden their activities through fresh premises. Collaborating closely with landlords, tenants, investors, and regulatory bodies, experts in Commercial Property streamline transactions, oversee property management, and uphold regulatory standards.

The Commercial Property sector offers various roles, including Real Estate Agents, Commercial Property Managers, Developers, Property Accountants, Solicitors specialising in Commercial Property Law, and Leasing Agents.

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Gas Engineering: Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

Gas engineers are key to installing, maintaining, and repairing gas systems, ensuring equipment and infrastructure, including boilers, furnaces, and pipelines, are safe and efficient. Professionals in this sector are crucial in maintaining residential and commercial buildings by conducting inspections, performing maintenance tasks, and troubleshooting issues to prevent accidents.

Gas Engineering covers many roles, including Gas Engineers, Gas Safety Managers, Heating Engineers, Boiler Service Technicians and Pipeline Inspectors.

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Maintenance & Services: Preserving Property Value 

Maintenance & Services plays a crucial role in property services, tasked with preserving the condition and functionality of properties. This can include cleaning, landscaping, electrical maintenance, plumbing repairs, carpentry and more. Professionals in this field work to keep properties aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and functional whilst abiding by health & safety regulations, addressing any issues that may arise.

Typical job roles within the Maintenance & Services field include Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Multi-Traders, Roofers, Tenancy Specialists, Planning & Admin managers, Operational Support Officers, Cleaners and many more. The Maintenance & Services division truly has something for everyone, with teams from many industries collaborating to reach end goals.

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Fire Sector: Preventing Safety Hazards

The fire sector plays a vital role within property services, working closely with compliance officers and facilities managers; people in the fire safety sector are expected to upkeep the fire safety of property, ensuring minimal risk for those in the building at all times. 

We supply and hire for opportunities such as Fire Safety Fire Stoppers, Fire Door Installers, FRA Carpenters, Fire Door Surveyors, Fire Safety Advisors, Fire Alarm Engineers, AOV Installers, and more. Whether you're seeking employment in the fire sector or require experienced, fully compliant operatives to support your project needs, don't hesitate to contact our fire division.

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Property services offer diverse career opportunities, from facilities management and commercial property jobs to gas engineering and maintenance & services. With a growing demand for skilled professionals, this sector presents an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking dynamic and fulfilling careers.

At Daniel Owen, we specialise in connecting talented workers with the best jobs within property services. Whether you’re a job seeker looking for your next career move or an employer seeking qualified, high-quality candidates, we can assist you in achieving your goals.

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