Karl Burnett

Managing Director

Karl Burnett is the distinguished managing director for Daniel Owen Ltd, celebrated for his exceptional leadership and strategic acumen. With an impressive tenure of 25 years at Daniel Owen, Karl has transitioned from being the company’s top biller, leading the most profitable team, to steering the organisation as MD. His deep-rooted background in construction laid a solid foundation for his remarkable journey in the recruitment industry.

Karl is pivotal in shaping Daniel Owen's sales and growth strategy. He meticulously crafts and executes business plans, sets ambitious targets, and designs incentive schemes to drive performance. His natural leadership, combined with a vast array of skills and expertise, empowers his team to achieve their highest potential. Karl's strong communication and relationship-building abilities enable him to negotiate effectively at all levels, fostering brand loyalty and long-term partnerships.

Karl’s approach is centred on sustaining lasting relationships, a philosophy that has earned him lifelong friendships with clients, candidates, and colleagues alike. His dedication to success and his unwavering commitment to those around him define his tenure at Daniel Owen, making him an invaluable asset to the company’s continued prosperity.

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