Worker of the Year 2023

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Every year, we host our Worker of the Year Awards to recognise those outstanding workers from construction, rail, property services, maintenance, groundwork and engineering.

Below, you can find our winners for the 2023 Worker of the Year awards - individuals who have gone above and beyond, especially across the last 12 months and have been an outstanding example of the hard work that goes into these sectors.

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We are honoured to announce Marilyn as our 2023 Overall Worker of the Year! 🏆

Marilyn is a superb Site Manager who embodies our values of Honest, Respect & Reliable in every aspect of her work. Not only builds strong relationships with contractors, suppliers & clients she also ensures her sites run smoothly and actively problem-solves any issues.

Marilyn's impact on every construction site has been invaluable and she continues to inspire those around her with her dedication to the site and commitment to excellence 💯

Congratulations Marilyn! 🎉🎉

Worker of the Year 2023 - Property Services

🌟 We're wrapping up the week with Stephen, our Worker of the Year for Property Services! 🌟

We were delighted to see all the client nominations come in for Stephen. We have worked with him for 4 years now, and it's always been a pleasure to catch up and see how he's been getting don't. A constant reliable force on any assignment, Stephen has always received sterling feedback from clients for his positive work ethic and problem-solving skills.

Very well deserved, thank you for a top notch Year! 🎆

Worker of the Year 2023 - Heritage & Restoration

🌟 We wrap up the week with an introduction to Steve, the winner of our Worker of the Year award in Heritage & Restoration! 🌟

Multiple nominations praised Steve's reliability, positive attitude, and multi-skilled experience, all of which were used to assist those around him. Also leading his team by example, Steve is regularly praised for running a brilliant, respectful operation with everyone around him.

Thank you, Steve; it is extremely well deserved, and I am looking forward to our next catch-up!

Worker of the Year 2023 - Residential

🌟 Introducing Yaya, the Worker of the Year for our Residential Sector! 🌟

Gregg Lawton headed out to present the award personally and didn't want to downplay his excitement:

💬" Yaya!!! The most humble, hard-working, and reliable candidate we could ask for. Every client who has had the pleasure of working with Yaya has nothing but praise for his work but, more importantly, for the person he is. Thank you Yaya, true legend!"

Always superb, we are so pleased to recognise you this year, thank you!

Worker of the Year 2023 - Commercial Fit Out

🌟 Our second reveal today introduces Luke, Worker of the Year for our Commercial/Fit-Out sector! 🌟

One of his nominators, Nick, let us know why Luke should win:

"Although Luke is still building his experience, his reliability and commitment to get to work has been exceptional. With all of the recent train strikes, he has always endeavoured to get to work, even walking 45 minutes to an hour to get to the site when the transport system has stopped working. Always polite, and speaks to everyone, he is always keen to help and to learn so he can be the best at his craft."

Thank you Luke, your constant drive and positive attitude has become legendary amongst your peers! 👏

Worker of the Year 2023 - Midlands

🌟 Our next Worker of the Year is Scott, our regional winner for the Midlands! 🌟

We've worked with Scott for a while now so we can personally attest to his awesome experience, but one of his nominators, Catherine, also had this to say:

"Reliable, punctual, multi-skilled, pro-active, keen to learn new skills, friendly and helpful.. Stays late when needed and helps lock up site."

Well done Scott, absolutely well deserved!

Worker of the Year 2023 - Oxford

🌟 Meet Stuart, the Worker of the Year for the Oxford Team! 🌟

Lots of nominations came through for Stuart, but Samantha Ahmet wraps it all up perfectly:

💬 "Stuart has worked for us for many years now and in that time we've always received amazing feedback for him. Even clients who've moved on to other companies request him when they have a requirement. Stuart is a bright example of true talent and a genuine desire to do well, always going above and beyond anything asked of him. Thank you!"

Worker of the Year 2023 - Property & Maintenance

🌟 Hello to James, who wins our Worker of the Year award for Property & Maintenance! 🌟

Our own Leah Sparkers had this to say:

💬 "James has been working for us since this last year and we get nothing but positive feedback regarding his hard work and dedication. It has been a pleasure being able to present him with this award. Well done James!"

Wow! Absolutely sterling work day-in-day-out and always a joy to catch up with, thank you! 🎆

Worker of the year 2023 - Taunton

🌟 Congratulations to Marilyn, our Worker of the Year for Team Taunton! 🌟

Read some of the tremendous feedback we received for her from one of her nominators, Brian:

"Employed as a holiday cover Site Manager, Marilyn arrived on site, grabbed the bull by the horns and was proactive in every aspect of running it. We were so impressed, Marilyn is still with us now. I would add that Marilyn has made my job much easier than it could have been, and she has gained the respect of every one of our contractors, suppliers and clients. That’s not easy in this industry."

Thank you Marilyn for your outstanding work ethic and constant commitment to every aspect of your role. Very well deserved! 👏

Worker of the Year 2023 - Rail

Meet Johnson, the first of our Worker of the Year award winners!

Winning our Rail Team Worker of the Year Award, we received multiple nominations praising his constant hard work, positive work ethic and always going above and beyond when working with the public.

Aspirational to those around, thank you for an outstanding year

Worker of the Year - Plant & Groundworks

🌟 Say Hello to Catalin, AKA Bobby, our Worker of the Year for Plant & Groundworks! 🌟

Multiple nominations praised his outstanding attitude and work ethos! We can personally attest to his constant drive to improve the sites he's on and help all those around him, just thrives in any work environment it's hard not to get swept up with his amazing outlook!

Thank you Bobby, it's a pleasure to keep working with you and this is well deserved! 🎉

Worker of the Year 2023 - Swindon

🌟 Introducing Richard, our Worker of the Year for Team Swindon! 🌟

One of his nominators, Tom, had this to say:

💬"Working for us these past 18 months, he has been extremely reliable and always willing to do more than what would be expected. Very rarely has a day off and can’t do enough for us, thank you! "

You're a working superstar and a delight to work and catch up with. Thank you for all your hard work Richard!!👐

Worker of the Year - Manchester

🌟 Meet Elizabeth, our Worker of the Year for Team Manchester! 🌟

Michael, one of her nominators, gave us some amazing feedback which we had to share:

💬 "Elizabeth is always on-site well before her start time works extremely hard during her time on site and never stops and complains about anything! Our caretaker on site does not give out praise lightly bet he cannot praise her enough. We would be very disappointed if Elizabeth was not recognised with an award this year."

Congratulations Elizabeth, very well deserved!! 🎆

Worker of the Year 2023 - London Construction

🌟 Meet Roock, our Worker of the Year for London Construction! 🌟

Lots of outstanding testimonials arrived for Roock, so here's two of his highlights:

💬 "Many labourers perform the tasks they are given. Rocky, however, continually goes above and beyond what's expected. He is punctual to a fault, Professional in his approach to all jobs, whether cleaning Toilets, general site tidying or handyman tasks, and most importantly, does it to the best of his ability with a smile!"

💬 "It's been 9 months since I met Roock, and after many years managing men, I can honestly say that Roock is a shining Star that is an important part of the team. It's important that this individual is recognised as such. He is an absolute pleasure to work with!"

We love working with you Roock and it's no surprise every site feels the same, congratulations! 🎆

Worker of the Year 2023 - Newcastle

🌟 A round of applause for Chris, our Worker of the Year for the North East! 🌟

One of his nominators, Lee, puts it best:

"Chris has been with us since August 2020 and has become an integral part of the site. Working for over 2 years without a single absence or lateness, his timekeeping has been outstanding and he is always willing to stay late or come in early to ensure the site runs smoothly. Chris has been reliable and an extremely skilled driver and is even happy to get out the machine and labour when required, which is very rare. Chris is a credit to himself and Daniel Owen and is the embodiment of employee of the year, which is why I would like to submit him for the award."

We are so grateful for Chris's hard work and commitment and are delighted to recognise him with this award. Congratulations, you truly deserve it! 🎉

Worker of the Year - Commercial Property

🌟 Hello to Zak, our Worker of the Year for our Commercial division! 🌟

Our own Matthew puts its best:

“Zak has worked with us for 8 months now and has been a hard-working individual who provides the client with a quality service. We have always received positive feedback when speaking with his line manager and since he started and has become a valuable member of the FM division. He has a very strong knowledge of the work that he undertakes and is always willing to help anybody he works with. He is a pleasure to work with.”

Congratulations Zak, we are so pleased to present you with this year's commercial award, well done!

Worker of the Year 2023 - Bristol

🌟 Meet Steve, our Worker of the Year for Team Bristol! 🌟

It's week two reveals of our Worker of the Year awards, and we kick start with an individual that received so many nominations, it's hard to summarise them all here (but we'll do our best with a choice 3...):

💬"Steve was always, punctual and hard-working. So reliable that he didn't miss a single day in the 12 months + that he was on my sites."
💬"Reliable, punctual, forward-thinking, always gets the job done to a high standard."
💬"Always reliable, very hard working and puts his hand to most tasks with a great attitude."

We receive stellar feedback for you all year round, so very well deserved - Well done Steve!

Worker of the Year 2023 - Maintenance

🌟 Meet Ian, the first of our Friday reveal and our Worker of the Year for our Maintenance team! 🌟

Nominations for Ian have been clamouring for him to win, citing his perfect timekeeping, constant positive attitude and incredible drive to help everyone around him. Also, just an all-around lovely guy and an absolute pleasure to work with, so we're not surprised to see the nominations pour in!

Well done Ian, you're an absolute superstar! 🎉

Worker of the Year 2023 - Gas Engineering

🌟 Hi to Ashley, our Gas Engineering Worker of the Year! 🌟

Ashley is one of our superhero Gas engineers, who is constantly being praised for being punctual, hands-on, a full team player giving guidance and just a great bloke to be around.

We are so pleased to reveal you as Worker of the Year for Gas Engineering. Thoroughly well deserved!

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