Kevin Tull

Regional Director

Kevin Tull is the highly respected Regional Director at Daniel Owen, and brings over two decades of experience to his role. Starting as a trainee, Kevin has developed a profound understanding of the Built Environment sector, which has been instrumental in his rise through the company. He now oversees both blue- and white-collar teams across key regional offices including Reading, Swindon, and Oxford.

Kevin's passion for the recruitment industry shines through in his daily work. He inspires his team with his unwavering dedication and enthusiasm, creating an environment where excellence is the norm. Kevin is known for building natural rapport with line managers and takes genuine time to understand the unique needs of his clients and candidates. His approachability and sincere interest in helping others have earned him the trust and respect of everyone he works with.

With his exceptional recruitment management skills, Kevin ensures that every placement is a perfect fit. He has a knack for connecting with people and a strategic insight into the recruitment process, making him an invaluable asset to Daniel Owen Ltd. Kevin's leadership not only drives the success of his teams but also significantly contributes to the company's overall growth and stellar reputation in the industry.

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