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Brussels - here we come!

Posted on 25/10/2019 by C Wagner

Recognition is big in recruitment.  It has to be, to keep all those fantastic recruiters driving forward and getting the best candidates for clients in often fast past and difficult industries, such as construction.  Competition is huge, recognition and reward are important success factors.

It’s not often, however, that a recruitment company ensures ALL staff are as well recognised – Head Office functions are often left behind and forgotten or worse still…. Outsourced.  Not at Daniel Owen Ltd; where all Head Office functions work together in-house and have a number of recognition schemes.  This past weekend the Finance, IT, HR, Compliance and Marketing teams headed off together on a well-deserved and exciting trip to Brussels.  The Eurostar - a first for some - a walking tour with the essential beer and chocolate tasting (a highlight?!) and some traditional Belgian cuisine.  Keeping on topic we were pleased to see a scissor lift in the main square, ensuring we all felt at home and not too far away from the construction and plant industry that we love working in.