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In an industry that's long been male-dominated, witnessing initiatives that celebrate and em...

In an industry that's long been male-dominated, witnessing initiatives that celebrate and empower women is not just refreshing but essential. The first 'Building Women' event hosted by Glencar was a testament to the changing landscape of the construction sector and a powerful reminder of the strides we are making towards diversity and inclusivity.

Attending alongside my colleague, Hannah Smith, the afternoon was a celebration of the achievements and contributions of women in construction. Glencar's commitment to enhancing diversity and inclusion and its journey towards creating a culture that champions inclusivity and empowerment is inspiring, laying down the path for others in the industry to follow.

The insightful panel Glencar selected represented some of the brightest speakers and forward thinkers within the built environment. So a special thanks to Daniel Whyte, Denise Southard, James Scott, Aoife O'Gorman, Yaeger Irwin BSc (Hons) MCIOB MAPM (Rolfe), Libby Cunnew BSc (Hons), and Georgie Mottram for sharing their journeys and encouraging us all to continue championing diversity and inclusivity. Their stories and experiences provided a greater insight into the challenges and triumphs of promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace.

A standout moment was meeting Kath Moore MBE and learning about the influential work of Women into Construction CIC (WiC).

At Daniel Owen, we proudly support WiC's employability programmes and create job opportunities for women passionate about joining our industry. Our collaboration with WiC and partner contractors across the UK aims to foster a supportive environment for women in construction, ensuring they have the opportunities to thrive.

The event concluded with three powerful words from Yaeger Irwin, Kath Moore MBE, and Aoife O'Gorman:

Be Resilient. Be Authentic. Be Brave. 

These words resonate deeply as we, and other women in the sector, navigate the challenges and opportunities of developing our careers in construction. They serve as a beacon, guiding us to embrace our authenticity, face challenges with courage, and persist with resilience.

The 'Building Women' event by Glencar was not just an afternoon of celebration but a pivotal moment of empowerment. It reinforced the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the construction industry and highlighted the collective efforts to create a more equitable and supportive environment for women. At Daniel Owen, we are proud to be part of this journey and are committed to supporting initiatives that empower women in construction.

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