Empowering Equality: Celebrating Women in Construction Week 2024

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As Women in Construction Week is underway, Daniel Owen joins the celebration of women’...

As Women in Construction Week is underway, Daniel Owen joins the celebration of women’s invaluable contributions to the construction industry. Established by NAWIC in 1998, WIC has since blossomed into a significant event, spotlighting the role of women and their impact on shaping the construction industry's future.

This year, the theme is ‘Keys to the Future’, which represents women's vital role in driving innovation, fostering diversity, and propelling progress in the built environment sector. 

Daniel Owen’s silver status partnership with Women into Construction CIC exemplifies our dedication to equality and balanced opportunity for women at all levels of the industry. We work daily to break barriers, challenge industry stereotypes, and create a more inclusive and diverse construction sector.

We invite all construction firms to participate in WIC Week and demonstrate their support for their female employees. Whether organising events or activities or showcasing the women who have made fantastic achievements, let us celebrate those shaping our future. 

Our commitment to supporting and empowering women in construction remains strong. We have an exciting year ahead, creating employment opportunities with our client partners, who are also on a committed journey to promote and encourage women to be a part of a thriving sector.

Learn more about WIC week here

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