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We take the health and well being of all our construction workers seriously and understand i...

We take the health and well being of all our construction workers seriously and understand it is an issue that needs to be high on the agenda, in particular that of mental health which is so often not talked about. We'd like to highlight the work the Construction Industry Helpline does in conjunction with The Lighthouse Club as an invaluable service to the industry.

The Construction Industry Helpline

The Construction Industry Helpline provides a 24/7 safety net for all construction workers and their families in the UK and Ireland. It is a charitable service funded by the industry, for the industry and provides;

Emergency financial aid to construction families in crisis

Advice on occupational health and mental wellbeing

Support on legal, tax and debt management matters

The helpline is funded by The Lighthouse Club which has been delivering charitable welfare and support to the construction community since 1956, who in turn are funded by and supported by the businesses and people in our industry and our network of 21 regional volunteer clubs.

Benefits to you

Those working in the industry, as well as their families, can contact the 24/7 confidential Construction Industry Helpline on 0345 605 1956 to access:

Emergency financial aid in times of crisis following an illness, accident, injury or bereavement that forces a family into a state of poverty

Advice on occupational health and well-being issues as an employee or an employer

Support and advice for sufferers of stress and addiction-related illnesses

Advice on matters ranging from divorce to employment

Advice on specific tax-related issues concerning employment within the construction sector

Help to manage and reschedule debt

Help to understand the benefits system and your entitlement, especially if you are caring for others

Support on career changes, especially after an accident or injury preventing you from returning to your original job

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