Summer holidays make your company more productive….. yes, really!

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Summers here, you are desperate to ensure minimal (for minimal read ‘no’) disruption during ...

Summers here, you are desperate to ensure minimal (for minimal read ‘no’) disruption during the annual Summer Holiday period, without causing sleepless nights and missing deadlines. So does the heading sound right to you? At first we weren’t so sure; until we looked at the reasons behind the statement, let’s have a look.

Henry Ford introduced the 5 day, 40-hour work week back in the 1920’s in order to give employees a better work/life balance. He did this after running tests to see the optimum work/productivity ratio. Whilst you’d initially expect a shorter working week to see a fall in productivity, what he in fact found was a less tired workforce that were more motivated, worked to a higher level and delivered the same level of productivity over the shorter working week (not to mention reduced stress and absenteeism).

Holidays are much the same, they give employees the chance to unwind and recharge the batteries both mentally and physically. Medical studies have shown a lack of holiday time can lead to a significant increase in the likelihood of developing serious illness.

So, we’ve established time away from work is not a ‘nice to have’ but an essential for a healthy workforce and a benefit for employers, who gain a fresher more motivated team.

We can see you now wondering, “What about while my workforce are sunning themselves on the beach or dragging ice cream coated kids around Diggerland (yes, it’s our dream destination too)…. Surely we’ll see a drop in productivity then?” Eh-hmmm…. If you’re in construction, engineering or maintenance I believe we have your answer. You don’t need to see a drop in your workforce or project schedule, we’ve got your holiday cover sorted – whether you need someone for a day, a week, a month (or more) we can ensure you have a full, motivated workforce at your fingertips – by speaking to one of our consultants on 0345 810 1020.

Holidays – it turns out they’re a win-win!

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