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Caitlin Tye

By Caitlin Tye

Hosted by Caitlin Tye, the latest episode of The GSC Executives Podcast welcomes Mary Parsons, the Regeneration and Partnerships Director at Lovell. This engaging session delves into Mary's inspirational journey within the construction and housing industry, shedding light on the importance of community development, the value of diversity in leadership, and the essence of resilience in overcoming challenges.


  • Navigating Challenges: Mary shares her experiences of joining Lovell during the tumultuous times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her story emphasizes the critical role of forging strong connections and the capacity to adapt in the face of adversity.
  • Advancing Gender Diversity: Demonstrating progress in a traditionally male-dominated sector, Mary highlights that women now constitute 40% of the board at Lovell, showcasing a significant leap toward gender balance.
  • Cultivating an Inclusive Culture: Mary discusses Lovell’s proactive steps towards integrating diversity and inclusion into its core operations, aiming to create a nurturing environment where every team member feels valued and included.
  • Personal Growth and Leadership: Opening up about her experiences with imposter syndrome, Mary underscores the journey towards self-confidence, recognising one’s strengths and growth areas as a leader.
  • Building with Purpose: Through her involvement with the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission, Mary reflects on the profound impact of thoughtfully designed homes and communities on individuals’ well-being.
  • Envisioning the Future: Mary shares her vision for a future where the construction and housing sector is as committed to social and natural capital as it is to profitability, attracting a new generation of talent motivated by making a meaningful impact.

Mary Parsons’ insights offer a rich perspective on what it means to lead with purpose, inclusivity, and determination in the construction and housing industry. Tune into The GSC Executives Podcast for an enlightening conversation that explores the depth of leadership and its potential to drive significant social impact.

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