From Engineer to PMO Leadership: Carol Cairns on The GSC Executives Podcast

Caitlin Tye

By Caitlin Tye

In a captivating episode of "The GSC Executives Podcast," host Caitlin Tye sits down with Carol Cairns, Head of PMO at Northumbria Water Group, to explore her career trajectory from her early days in civil engineering to her current leadership role. This conversation sheds light on how Carol's zest for learning and commitment to fostering diversity have shaped her professional journey.


  • Career Growth: Tracing Carol’s journey from a civil engineer to Head of PMO, highlighting the diverse roles she’s embraced along the way.
  • Essentials of Leadership: Insights into effective leadership traits such as vision, communication, integrity, empathy, and resilience.
  • Advocacy for Diversity: Carol discusses her proactive role in championing diversity and inclusion within the engineering sector.
  • Career Reflections: Carol shares lessons learned from career changes, including a temporary shift outside engineering.
  • Business Case for Diversity: Exploring the tangible benefits of a diverse workforce, which Carol argues is crucial for innovation and business success.

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