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Worker of the Year Awards 2022

Every year we host our Worker of the Year Awards to recognise those outstanding workers from construction, rail, property services, maintenance and engineering. 

Below you can find our winners of the 2022 Worker of the Year Awards - individuals that have always gone above and beyond, especially across the last 12 months and have been an outstanding example of the hard work that goes into these sectors.

Worker of the Year 2022 - Property Services

Well done to Airton, our Worker of the Year for Property Services!

Steph Hefferan from the Property Services team had this to say:
"A skilled worker with whom the client can't speak highly enough. Skilled, reliable and always goes the extra mile, top bloke wherever he lands!"

Thank you Airton, very well deserved!!

Worker of the Year 2022 - Construction Management

Say Hello to Issa, our Worker of the Year for Construction Management!

Andy, one of many nominations for Issa, had this to say:

"Takes complete ownership of his work, goes that extra mile daily with a fantastic can-do attitude, the ultimate team player. The best agency manager I have worked alongside."

Congratulations Issa, you are a true asset wherever you go, thank you for being a pleasure to work with as well!

Construction Management Worker of the Year 2022

Worker of the Year 2022 - Walsall

Congratulations to Leon, our Worker of the Year for the Midlands!

Our own Alex Markham-Randall had this to say:
"He’s been taking charge on my site and actually gathering resources and helping our teams with timesheets, which has been a big help and something he didn't need to do. He also hasn’t had a single day off and constantly works weekends. An absolute great guy to boot as well, Leon was a clear winner this year"

Well done Leon, above, beyond and then some, you are a superstar!

Worker of the Year 2022 - Oxford

Well done to Miroslaw, Worker of the Year for Team Oxford!

Peter B, one of his many nominators, puts it best:

"Reliable, punctual, multi skilled, willing, helps anyone struggling and always does it with a smile. Our best operative by far for the last 3 years who has now become an essential part of our operation, and a friend."

Thank you for always being outstanding, year after year. It's a joy to work with you and we're counting down the days to catch up! 

Oxford Construction Worker of the Year 2022

Worker of the Year 2022 - South East

Well done to Michael, our Worker of the Year for the South East!

A hard worker who has always been a delight to catch up with and fully gets to grip in all of his assigned sites.

Stephen, one of his nominators, had this to say:
"Everything has impressed me with Michael over the past year. He is punctual, reliable, hasn't missed a days work and nothing is ever a problem.
He is a complete asset to both myself and Daniel Owen, on top of being one of the best people I have worked with he also one of the nicest people I have met."

Thank you Michael, it's a pleasure to work with you! 

Worker of the Year 2022 - Taunton

Hello to Alan, Taunton's Worker of the Year!

An outstanding individual who has always gone above and beyond for us.

Lewis Baker, one of his nominators, said it all:
"Alan is always the first on-site in the morning opening up and the last on-site in the evening. Not only was he good at general labouring, but he would also put his hand to absolutely anything and never had any issues in doing so, including getting plots ready for NHBC Inspections, render patching, painting & decorating, just to name a few tasks. He was more than a labourer for us."

Thank you Alan, we look forward to the next 12 months with a superstar!

Worker of the Year 2022 - Rail

Meet Sunny, the winner of our Rail Sector Award!

Presented here by our own Megan, Sunny has been an outstanding worker all year, going above and beyond on behalf of our Rail team.

Always staying calm under pressure and a pleasure to work with, we received multiple client nominations, all praising him for his brilliant work ethic.

Thank you Sunny for all your hard work and congratulations on winning Worker of the Year – Rail in 2022!

Rail Worker of the Year 2022

Worker of the Year 2022 - Plant & Groundworks

Meet Ishmael, our Worker of the Year for our Plant and Groundworks team!

One of the most outstanding workers in his field, we may have more to share on Ishmael soon...

For now, Brett Catley nominated him with this to say:
"A very hard worker and a good communicator that shows enthusiasm in everything he's assigned to. Off his own back, he obtained his FTD and Roller ticket whilst working on his SSSTS qualification, all whilst travelling over 2 hours each way each day on public transport! Very much a team player, great fun to be around and a valued member with all within the team."

Wow! Congratulations Ishmael, very well deserved!

Worker of the Year 2022 - Swindon

Well done to Steven, our Worker of the Year for Swindon!

Our own Sophie Jones and his Contracts Manager had this to say:
"Absolute legend!"
"Completed 12 months without a day off and is starting a new site with the same contractor the following day - Steve just cracks on and works hard. Always the nicest person on-site and will help anyone,"
"Always got a smile on his face and keeps everyone smiling. Thank you Mate"

Outstanding, thank you Steven, you are always a joy to work with!

Worker of the Year 2022 - Leeds

Congratulations to Artur, our Worker of the Year for Daniel Owen Leeds!

Leading one of our civils and groundwork teams over the last year, Artur has been relentlessly brilliant.

Always taking great pride in his work and achieving a high standard with everything he does, Artur's feedback from every site has been outstanding.

Thank you for being such a brilliant workmate, it's a pleasure to work with you.

Leeds Construction Worker of the Year 2022

Worker of the Year 2022 - London Construction

Well done to Atanas, our regional Worker of the Year for London!

Thank you to our many nominations for Atanas:
"Always on time, very reliable, works hard with little supervision and always does what you ask him to with a smile on his face. Great person and a terrific worker."

It's a pleasure to work with you Atanas, thanks for your constant commitment and hard work.

Worker of the Year 2022 - Newcastle

Congratulations to Geoff, our Worker of the Year for Team Newcastle!

Katherine Jacobs went out to present the award last week after a number of site nominations made him the clear winner this year.

Always on time, excellent work ethic and constantly goes above and beyond to help get the work done to schedule.

Well done Geoff, you are fantastic to work with and we look forward to another 12 months working with a site legend!

Worker of the Year 2022 - Commercial

Meet Mark, our Worker of the Year for the Commercial Team!

Mark has been phenomenal this last year, going above and beyond with every engagement - and just being a delight every time we come to catch up!

Thoroughly deserved and thank you for all you do, here's to another amazing year!

Commercial Worker of the Year 2022

Worker of the Year 2022 - Bristol

Hello to Curtis, our Worker of the Year for Bristol!

A mountain of nominations for Curtis made the choice for our own Harry Lambert very straightforward this year:
"Curtis is a very loyal, punctual, hard-working gentleman who we would be absolutely lost without here! There's not been a single day where he hasn't gone above and beyond."
"Curtis has worked on a couple of the sites in my region, and I have always found him to be open, honest and utterly dependable. He is the epitome of a hardworking, diligent and resourceful worker. No job is too difficult, and he always has a smile, an absolute pleasure to work with."
WOW! Thank you for always going above and beyond, you are a true legend!

Worker of the Year 2022 - Gas Engineering

Hello to Samuel, our Gas Engineering Worker of the Year!

Our own George Grant was blown away this year by his personal touch, constant hard work, highly professional approach and always beaming to boot!

Thank you for being a superstar Samuel, you are an Engineering legend! 

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