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Taunton Expands into Prockters Farm

Posted on 2/03/2021 by Stephen Smith

As our Taunton team approaches their 5-year anniversary, the business recently grew into the brilliant Prockters Farm Offices, located not too far away from West Monkton.

Supporting trades and labour across the West Country certainly has its own challenges, so it's only fitting we have an office that benefits from the strengths of the area…

Meet the Stress Management team for the South West, a fully-fledged support team dedicated to lifting up lunches and promoting good vibes across the workday. Led by Digby and Apollo, this powerhouse of positivity is one that raises our Taunton team and makes for an interesting visit!

All our offices have their quirks and each team have their own style of approaching the challenges in their region. Working in the construction industry can be especially tough so our teams are local and therefore know the area and understand your specific challenges.

There is no one size fits all - we work with you to either supply you with local work or provide your site with reliable workers to continue operation.

Would you like to talk to our Taunton team?

01823 448940

Unit D
Home Field View (North)
Prockters Farm Offices
Blundells Lane
West Monkton

Perhaps you stumbled here from a different part of the UK? 

In which case we have multiple offices across the country ready to help you:
0345 810 1020