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It’s all about Customer Experience, right? Making sure the information customers are looking...

It’s all about Customer Experience, right? Making sure the information customers are looking for is easy to find, in an engaging way that looks good. Minimum hoops to jump through – maybe even make the journey virtually invisible by proactively sending the right information to the right customer at the right time.

Pondering on the above led us to believe the time was right to launch our own job finding App. How were we communicating to our candidates, workers and clients in the built environment? Award nominated website – check, great consultants who build relationships – check, SMS and eshots – check, a fantastic database full of great workers – check, a wealth of exciting clients – check. But if you’re that busy temp worker on site who’s finishing this week, how much easier could it be to simply open the App and put your updated availability in, that’s probably – what – 30 seconds? If there’s an easier way we’d love to know – answers on a postcard, please. Set up job alerts for your location and job type and we can keep you informed of what’s happening through notifications via the App. Another hoop you don’t have to jump through.

In this fast-past world of temporary construction recruitment, we’d like to think this is another step in which Daniel Owen Ltd is going the extra mile, giving you options and saving you time in your construction, engineering or property service job hunting.

We look forward to sending you your first job notification – or updating your availability via the App – give it a go, by clicking and downloading at one of the following:

Apple App Store

Google Plan/Android APP Store

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